Money and Me

Free PSHE scheme of work for primary schools (key stages 1 and 2).

‘Money and Me’ is a free, 12-lesson teaching resource that introduces young people to how money and the economy works. We created it in partnership with educational experts at Beano and Tes.?

These lessons aim to help young people gain the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to manage money now and in the future. You can use them to support your school’s PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) curriculum.

What does the resource include?

The resource includes lesson plans, presentations, activities, games and a supporting teacher guide. It can be used as part of a complete scheme of work, a cross-curricular project, or financial education week.

Money and Me explores a range of different topics from the history of money to contactless payments.?

It features familiar Beano characters (Dennis, Gnasher and Minnie) in real-life situations that involve making decisions about money.

Each lesson introduces key economic concepts that young people can explore and discuss. This will help to build their confidence, critical thinking and decision-making skills.

The 12 lessons can be taught in any order within a key stage, phase or level.

Key Stage 1

Lesson 1: All about money. Introducing money, symbols, change and values?

Key Stage 2 (lower)

Lesson 2: What is money? Explaining the importance of money and currency?
Lesson 3: What’s new with money? Introducing different methods of payment?
Lesson 4: What can I do with money? Teaching the different things pupils can do with their money?

Key Stage 2 (upper)

Lesson 5: Introduction to banking. Teaching what banks are and how they make money?
Lesson 6: What is the Bank of England? Introducing the role of the Bank of England?
Lesson 7: Why do prices change over time? Exploring supply and demand and their impact on price changes?
Lesson 8: Why is money so important? Exploring money decisions and their impact?
Lesson 9: Managing my money. Teaching how to successfully budget
Lesson 10: How can I keep my money safe? Understanding how to avoid scams?
Lesson 11: What is debt? Understanding debt in all its forms?
Lesson 12: Ethical spending. Explaining the importance of ethical spending

The Money and Me programme is linked to the English, Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh curricula, including:

  • PSHE
  • maths and numeracy
  • skills for life
  • learning and work
  • social studies

It supports the Financial Education Planning Framework and has been accredited by Young Money.

This page was last updated 22 October 2020

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