Meet some of the organisations that have helped us host an event or spread the word about our education resources.

Our partners

We work with organisations that help us connect with people across the UK. They support our activities, including our community forums, our citizens’ forums and our education programme.

We work with everyone from large national charities to small, grassroots community groups.

Our partners represent people with a diverse range of interests and needs. They help us hear the views of wide range of people. We do this so we make better decisions.

A big thank you to our community partners

We couldn’t do any of this without the support of the organisations we have worked, and continue to work, in partnership with. Here are just some of them:

Age Scotland
Blackpool Council
Board of Deputies of British Jews
Citizens Advice Scotland
Community Foundation, Tyne and Wear
Cornwall Community Foundation
East End community foundation
Glasgow Council for the voluntary sector
Age UK Gloucestershire
Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation
Just Finance Foundation
The Muslim Council of Britain
National museum of Wales
Northamptonshire Community Foundation
Smallwood trust
Two Ridings Community Foundation
These organisations have worked with us to develop and promote educational resources for schools:
Economist Educational Foundation
Money Advice and Pensions Service
PSHE association
We have partnered with the following organisations to support their work on growing understanding about economics and the economy:
Bristol festival of ideas
Economy: Making economics less confusing
Royal Economic Society
Scottish Economics Conference

How we’ve worked together

Here are a few examples of how we’ve worked in partnership:

Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector

GCVS is the main development agency and advocate for voluntary and community organisations in Glasgow.?

We worked together to give more than 40 representatives from across the city the opportunity to share their views on a range of financial and economic issues with our Governor Mark Carney at one of our Community Forum events.??

For more than two hours the Governor listened to people talk about a range of issues from access to cash to the impact of benefit changes. He got a good overview of, some of the challenges and opportunities facing the third sector in Glasgow.

The Governor wrote a blog about his experience.

Our Agency for Scotland will keep talking to GCVS and some of its members so our most senior leaders continue to hear about the issues people face locally.?


We are partnering with the charity Economy to support its mission to increase public understanding about the economy and economics.

Over the next year, we’ll work together on a range of projects. For example, senior people at the Bank of England will take part in some of Economy’s local community courses. Course participants will be able to ask them questions and share their views and experience.

And Economy will support the roll-out of our pioneering Citizens’ Forum?project.

We’re also working together to find better ways to talk about the economy in language that is accessible to more people. For example, we’re partnering with local newspapers to encourage people to get talking about their local community.?

The Economist Educational Foundation

The charitable arm of The Economist magazine works with primary schools to inspire discussions about the news.

These are discussions that invite young people to be curious about the world’s biggest ideas and challenges, and consider what should be done about them.

We worked with the foundation to create a package of teaching resources for 9 to 14-year-olds about the financial system and how to make it safer.

So far, the materials have been downloaded more than 800 times and are thought to have reached more than 22,000 pupils.

Our staff took part in online discussions with pupils and attended some of the sessions.

The Economist Educational Foundation also provided bespoke training for our staff who take part in school visits and facilitate the new Citizens’ Forums.

This unique collaboration successfully leveraged the journalistic know-how of The Economist, the teaching expertise of the foundation, and the topic expertise at the Bank of England.?

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