Youth Forum

Our youth forum helps us to keep in in touch with what matters to young people in the UK.

What is the Bank of England Youth Forum?

The forum is made up of 25 people aged between 16 and 25. They live in different parts of the UK.??

We set up the forum because we want to know what young people think about the issues like jobs, financial education and how we communicate. This helps us to understand the economy?better.?

That’s important because the work we do?affects everyone in the UK. So we need to hear about the experiences of people of all ages and backgrounds.

We worked in partnership with the British Youth Council Opens in a new window to set up the forum.?

Our Youth Forum members have joined their local Citizens’ Panels?and are busy working on several projects so keep checking back for updates.?View the gallery at the bottom of this page to see some of the things they have been up to.

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What has the youth forum been working on?

Youth Forum Q&A with Chief Economist to discuss the impact of Covid on young people

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This page was last updated 21 September 2021

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